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I’m Louise and I help coaches and course creators attract more clients than they can handle with the power of automated marketing funnel.

Once you discover the power in marketing funnels, you’ll wonder why you EVER wasted time on all those other confusing, costly and completely disappointing marketing approaches.
Bust through the marketing roadblocks that take up all your time, happiness and freedom by discovering how the "Clients That Convert Funnel" can take a potential client from "click to CLIENT in less than 48 hrs. 
Want A Predictable Recipe To Grow Your Clients?
In my experience, most business owners fall into the trap of believing a (magical) marketing activity will be the ‘thing’ to explode their business growth. 

So they try:
Blogging, challenges, speaking, social media, Facebook groups.

Then they mix in a free lead magnet or two…
… but after all that, it’s nothing but disappointing results.

When you choose random marketing activities, it like trying to bake a cake without a recipe.
We can't throw a bunch of ingredients together and hope for the best.
Not gonna happen. 

Instead of dabbling in a bit of this and a dash of that, your strategic Marketing Funnel gives you a proven recipe to growing your business. 

Package One
You've Got This! You just need the funnel and integration and we'll set up the domain, the payment processor and your email auto-responder and you're good to go!
Package Two
 We'll do everything in package one and upload your webinar in the webinar room and the replay room as well as upload your blog post inside the funnel. 
Package Three
 We will do everything in package two plus we will design your funnel with your brand colors, professionally edit your TY video and webinar as well as add your follow up sequence inside of your email auto-responder.  You'll be all set!
"My mindset change about how websites are used and designed versus the use of funnels for increasing clients. 

This was one of the best decisions I made. I learned so much that it has changed how I think about finding and closing clients. 

I wish I had learned these strategies much sooner.  

Louise's ability to explain strategies and how they worked to someone less technical so that they were understood and could be implemented."

 - Janet Jaecksch
100 Killer Headlines PDF
Use these headlines for emails subject lines, for landing pages and for social media marketing. 
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